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Pavel Bolf
Swords and knives for sale

If you would like to purchase any of the offered blades or knives, you can order them via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the contact form.
Please include your complete billing information in the email.

Pavel Bolf
Extraordinary offer

Because I need to make a quick buck for an unplanned study trip to Japan, I am offering for sale swords from my deposit. These are blades made off commission for my collection and presentation, usually copies of interesting swords, or experimental work studying the formation of metallurgical effects of koto swords.

Pavel Bolf Tachi Rai school for sale

Tachi in the style of the Rai school

Kit used as a template -

Tachi, a copy in the style of the Rai school, in Tensho uchigatana koshirae.
Tachi blade, kamakura period style, tamahagane/ oroshigane, hamon base suguha, ashi, ko-choji, midare. Hada itame, ko mokume.
Nagasa 79,1cm, sori 30mm, motohaba 34mm, sakihaba 24mm, solid blade.
Koshirae is a copy of the Tensho style war koshirae. The lacquer on the saya is not finished. The sword will be sold as finished only, with final varnish and polish.

Price: 4500 EUR

Pavel Bolf Tanto yoroi doshi for sale

Tanto yoroi doshi

Tanto, yoroi doshi style, Rai school style.
Tamahagane, oroshigane, hamon suguha, Nie, kinsuji.
Nagasa 27,5cm, motohaba 28mm, kassane 7mm. Blade not polished.
Koshirae aikuchi dashi zame, beautiful samegawa (stingray skin on handle). Saya needs to be tuned and blade polished. On the ura side of the scabbard is a pocket for a kogatana knife. The kogatana is integrated with the hamon suguha. Same material as tanto blade.

Price for finished tanto, including painting of saya and polishing of blade.

Price: 1900 EUR

Pavel Bolf Kaiken tanto na prodej

Kaiken tanto

The blade hira zukuri, uchi zori yoroi doshi is a successful attempt to reproduce the style of Bizen Nagamitsu (Bizen Osafune school) swordsmith. Typical of this swordsmith's tanto is the gunome, or saka gunome hamon with a pronounced utsuri. This has been achieved with this blade. (On the fourth try :-) ) The steel used is a mix of tamahagane and oroshigane. Itame mokume hada, in the lower band at the hamon masame line. At the hamon line, the amount of kinsuji.
Koshirae kaiken, simple, lacquered. Walnut wood used for the set. Parts made of black water buffalo horn. Menuki Peonies. Polished in classic sashikomi style.

Price: 1600 EUR